Renabi - The Future of the Modern Tote

Renabi - The Future of the Modern Tote

   Every few years there is something that pushes us into the next style revolution. Some say 2024 is their year for a big change. Fall 2024 is where we're starting our next big revolution:

   We are elated to share the newest luxury tote coming your way: Renabi

          "Bags for a world of places. A modern approach to timeless tradition." - Renabi


Meaningful Minimalism - A Message From Renabi

OUR BAGS invoke intent without being overdone. Meaningful muted tones allow that intent to work together as one palette. We believe in balancing modern aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship. Minimalism, attention to detail, and using the finest materials are the core of our design. We craft bags to last, to patina through use and time. More than a design trend, our bags stay timeless.”Renabi, Our Bags


 How Does Renabi Compare?

   First off, have you ever seen a tote that looks this good? Renabi is changing the way we view totes. Unlike traditional totes which are floppy, or look like they belong in the back of the closet, Renabi uses a combination of natural strong elements. Starting with two layers of heavy-weight cotton canvas. Paired with vegetable-tanned leather and copper rivets.

   The first tote to be launched by Renabi is the Baguette Tote. It will be available in smoke, putty, and salt. The neutral color palette goes perfectly with with our day-to-day outfits.

   I know we all have a lot to carry, which is why this modern tote has two additional exterior pockets and an interior zipped pocket. It fits all of our essentials + any additional items needed for the day. But I think our favorite feature here at Quin Interior, is that this tote stands on its own. There's nothing more frustrating than setting your bag down just for your things to start rolling out! It's better to have everything left where you put it, and when you're ready to go, reach down to handles that are already upright and easy to grab.

"THE BAGUETTE TOTE will be your go-to bag. For travel, trips to the market, or day-to-day, our bag moves seamlessly between occasions. Our Baguette Tote stands on its own, substantial, with a tall minimal silhouette. The leather is strong and enduring and will mold to your hand over years of use.” — Our Bags

A Bag to Last

   Here at Quin, we all spend so much time carefully picking out items for our homes. We want our spaces to reflect our style with items that will last. We value quality, which is a big part of why Renabi stands out to us. They specifically took into consideration how their products are made.




“Deciding to design bags was the easy part; creating something we could be proud of took time and patience. From learning the details of leather working, bag construction, prototyping, sourcing materials, locating manufacturers, and developing a website, this project has been a labor of our love. Renabi balances modern minimal aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship, requiring attention to detail and searching for the finest materials. Canvas needs to stand on its own by its own sheer heft, leather needs to endure and mold to your hand over years of use, and colors need to work as one palette. In the end, we were able to design a bag that we are confident you will be proud to use for years to come.— Our Story


    We are excited to talk about Renabi so you can start bringing quality and luxury into every aspect of your lives.

How to Get Your Baguette Tote

   There is a pre-sale coming this month on June 14 (with orders being shipped by Oct. 1st 2024)! Keep up-to-date on more announcements from by Renabi. Subscribe to their newsletter 

   You can also follow their social media pages - Instagram , Facebook , Pinterest to see more photos of the Baguette Tote.

We can't wait to see where you take your Renabi bag this fall.
- Team Quin Interior

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