2024 Coffee Tables

2024 Coffee Tables

  Join us on a journey through the highlights of our fresh arrivals, where form meets function in perfect harmony. Discover the perfect centerpiece for your home as we showcase the unparalleled style and craftsmanship of our newest coffee tables. Elevate your living experience with the latest trends in furniture design – welcome to the forefront of modern living.


 Cascade Round Table


  Urban living encompasses immersing oneself in a contemporary setting, be it a renovated building, studio, or loft. The ambiance is shaped not only by the living space but also by the furnishings that contribute to a natural feel. The distinctive feature of urban living furniture lies in its versatility, seamlessly adapting to various styles—ranging from rustic and casual to contemporary. It combines a blend of materials, including distressed finishes and textured fabrics. The furniture's appeal is further enhanced by features such as concrete composite tops, built-up edges, and interlocking-shaped legs, adding a soft touch to the overall aesthetic.


Maya Round Coffee Table

  This hollow drum, featuring concealed storage, is a wonderful addition to any home. With a discreetly placed door on the tabletop, it provides easy access to store your favorite blankets, games, and more. The features include a sun-bleached grey color, mango wood construction, hidden storage capability, and kiln-dried wood for added durability. Hand-finished to preserve the grain and natural variations in the material, it seamlessly blends styles like Transitional, Modern Farmhouse, and Coastal Beach. The handcrafted nature of the wood results in products that exhibit character and individuality, showcasing inherent knots, grains, and variations in color and texture. These unique imperfections define the personality of each piece, creating items rich in detail and natural beauty.


Mercer Coffee Table

  Exuding retro charm, this coffee table showcases an oval-shaped matte black tabletop, establishing a striking mid-century modern aesthetic. The strong support is delivered through a wire pedestal base, not only ensuring stability but also contributing to a chic retro design. The table's design, simple yet stunning, introduces a refined touch to your living space, making it an eye-catching centerpiece for any room.


Rocca Coffee Table

  Blending stone simplicity with a touch of dreamy darkness, the Rocca indoor/outdoor table is crafted from fiber-reinforced natural concrete, boasting a jet-black finish. Set within a sturdy iron frame, this table places material and forms at the forefront of its elemental design. The coffee table, with its monolithic contemporary look, features supportive pillars and a slab tabletop, creating a perfect balance of drama and comfort. Ideal for complementing with plants and accent pieces, this table can be seamlessly combined with many items.


Madison Coffee Table

  Featuring a distressed ebony wood veneered top and a subtle antique bronze frame, this elegant occasional collection is designed to showcase your favorite art books as the focal point. Leg assembly is required for this chic addition to your space.


  Whether you're drawn to the rugged simplicity of distressed ebony wood or captivated by the dreamy darkness of jet black finishes, our newest collection offers a diverse array of choices. These coffee tables aren't just pieces of furniture; they are statements of style and refinement. Elevate your home, let your personal taste shine, and create spaces that resonate with modern elegance.

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- Team Quin Interior

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