Latest in: Bohemian Headboards

Latest in: Bohemian Headboards

Our store is proud to introduce the latest additions to our collection of bohemian headboards.

Bohemian style is all about free-spiritedness, individuality, and creativity. Our new headboards embody these qualities with their unique designs, woven patterns, and natural materials.


Bali & Pari Reegan Bohemian Natural Brown Rattan Queen Size Standalone Headboard

This beautiful Queen Size headboard comes in a unique shape. It is made from naturally woven rattan. If you're looking for a different headboard and need something with round edges to soften up your bedroom, this might just be the perfect option for you!


Bali & Pari Delphi Bohemian Natural Brown Rattan Queen Size Standalone Headboard


Constructed like a piece of art, the Delphi Bohemian Headboard stands out in all the right ways.  Made in Indonesia, this bohemian inspired piece is crafted from natural rattan. Its broad silhouette is interlaid with meticulous placed rattan rods that curve and intersect to give the illusion of depth.


Bohemian Two-Tone Black and Natural Brown Rattan King Size Standalone Headboard


Shaped like a sunflower, bring happiness to your bedroom with this two-toned headboard. Invoking the appeal of an exotic retreat, this headboard is an outstanding bedroom accessory. 


Serena King Headboard Banana Leaf


Be ready to relax with the comfy, coastal vibe of the Serena King Headboard. Featuring a natural banana leaf weave, this king-size headboard adds warmth and texture to any bedroom space.


Other Boho Finds

If headboards isn't what you're in the mood for at the moment, check out our variety of other boho furniture.

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Abriella Modern Bohemian Rattan Peacock Accent Chair

Zara Bohemian Natural Rattan 2-Piece Accent Chair Set


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