To Tone up or Down

To Tone up or Down

You might be ready to jump straight into your next home project. But once you begin, you may seem stuck on where to start. If you haven't already decided on the style of décor you are aiming for, getting the tone down first will help you narrow down and choose your style. One of the most important decisions you need to begin with is establishing your color palette.

Questions to Consider:

  • Do I want a lighter or darker space?

  • Do I want a warmer or cooler feel to my room?

  • Do I want this space to tie in with the rest of my home?


If your space is on the smaller end, you may consider keeping things lighter. This can prevent a closed-in feeling while making the space feel bigger.

Our next blog post will be discussing décor styles and what can help you visualize your space.

Don't Forget:

Make sure that no matter which direction you go, consider what contrasting metals and textures would be fitting. If you think something may end up feeling flat, layer!

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